Older Adult Ministries Coordinator

The District of Columbia Baptist Convention, a Christ-centered and faith-based organization, has the following open part-time position in the Office of Public Relations and Outreach:


Older Adult Ministries Coordinator: The Coordinator will work alongside the organizational strategy of the DC Baptist Convention to initiate operations within the churches for the following mission practice area: 


General Responsibilities:

  • Work within the guidelines providing the specific services mentioned in the following section.

  • Submit a monthly report to the Minister of Public Relations and Outreach, reporting those congregations assisted.

  • Engage at least twelve churches or mission congregations of the DC Baptist Convention within the year, noting opportunities for building their interaction in the DC Baptist Convention, especially in the areas of specific service mentioned below

  • Present the concerns of the NCAMO to at least eight congregations as opportunities arise throughout the year.

  • Respond as requested by the churches within the DC Baptist Convention and the offices of this convention, providing insight, resource and ministry possibilities.

  • Work and meet with related ministry of the DC Baptist Convention, especially the Office of Public Relations and Outreach (OPRO).

  • Provide an Annual Report of the ministry for the Annual Book of Reports.

  • Participate in department planning for the following year in the DC Baptist Convention and in carrying out plans for the current year.



Specific Responsibilities:

  • Maintain awareness and offer assessment of the ministries to and by Older Adults in the congregations within the DC Baptist Convention.

  • Discover the ministries to and by Older Adults occurring in the congregations within the DC Baptist Convention with others and develop awareness of growing needs among Older Adults.

  • Bring together the Older Adults Ministries Team regularly, providing coordination for the group and facilitating both general meetings and activities of the group.

  • Participate in budget, calendar and goal planning of the DC Baptist Convention, representing Older Adults Ministries, suggesting potential partnership opportunities with congregations of the DC Baptist Convention.

  • Provide Older Adults opportunities to use their gifts and talents within either the local congregations or the DC Baptist Convention as volunteers.

  • Participate appropriately in both making requests and giving reports to foundations interested in ministries to Older Adults in the metropolitan Washington area.

  • See to the submission of articles relating to the ministry for publication in the Capital Baptist.


Please submit a cover letter, resume/CV and two letters of recommendation to D.C. Baptist Convention, Attn: Office of Public Relations and Outreach, 1628 16th Street NW, Washington DC or email to dcbc-employment@dcbaptist.org.  If emailing, please indicate “OAM Coordinator” in the subject line.  The deadline for submission is Tuesday, December 1, 2020.  You will be rated based on your qualifications for this position as evidenced by the education, experience and training you report relative to this position which shows that you possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required.

Senior Pastor

The Montgomery Hills Baptist Church is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Senior Pastor. The Pastor is responsible for providing pastoral leadership and administrative oversight of the church's ministries, including worship, music, preaching, teaching, mission service, stewardship and fellowship. Work with the Church's staff to provide opportunities for members to engage in worship, discipleship and mission. QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate of a nationally recognized seminary or divinity school. Preferred five years experience as an Ordained Minister/Pastor. Preferred experience as a called pastor and/or Interim pastor. Capable of working with a diverse congregation. Effective interpersonal and communication skills. Salary is commensurate with experience. Interested persons should submit a resume which includes work history, ordination status and three letters of reference. APPLICATION DEADLINE is November 30, 2020. For more detailed information please email the Pulpit Committee at Laura.d.lacroix@gmail.com

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