District of Columbia Baptist Convention

1628 Sixteenth Street NW Washington, DC 20009


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Meet The Team

Robert D. Cochran

Executive Director/Minister

Ext. 214

Lashanor Doolittle

Chief Operations Officer

Ext. 203

Kimberly Palmore-Ferguson

Minister of Communications

Ext. 208

Starlette Thomas

Minister to Empower Congregations

Ext. 205

Andre Towner

Minister to Engaging Communities

Ext. 210

Loretta Polite-Shipman

Ministry and Missions Service Assistant

Ext. 213

Gloria Grant

Older Adult Ministries Coordinator

Ext. 216

Saul Garcia

Building Engineer

Ext. 212

Wilbur Willis, III

Ministry Assistant

Ext. 204

James Barbour

ERT Coordinator/ Ministry Assistant

Ext. 211

Robin Foulk

JBCC Bldg Coordinator

Ext. 215

Fam SaeChao Chock

Accounting and Administrative Specialist

Ext. 206

LeeAnn Carrera

Campus Minister

Sharron Jackson

Melany Tendeyong

DCBC Foundation Executive Dir.

Meet Our Volunteer