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Mt. Carmel Baptist Church - FOR SALE: Mt. Carmel has 52 sites available for purchase at Cedar Hill Cemetery, located at 4111 Pennsylvania Ave. in Suitland, Md., just across the Washington, D.C. border.  These sites are situated on a beautiful section of Cedar Hill, known as Section E. This section is openly accessible on the right side as you enter through the main gates of the cemetery. Although it’s a topic nobody wants to dwell on, what happens to our physical selves once we transition must be handled. We can help the loved ones we leave behind by preparing in advance and sharing our final wishes. Purchasing a cemetery site, planning the final services, and paying for everything ahead of time is the last best gift we can give our survivors, who won’t have to struggle with making such decisions as they grieve. For more information on how you can purchase these sites, contact representatives of the Trustees: Deaconess Margaret Smith (202-526-3576), Sis. Dorothy Cannady (301-237-7231) or you may call the church office at (202-842-3411) and leave a message. You will be contacted within 24 hours

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