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Vacation Bible School Leaders & Teachers

Traced back to the late 19th century, Vacation Bible School (VBS) has traditionally served as a form of religious education and instruction for children.  The first of its kind was started by Mrs. Walker Aylett Hawes, the wife of a physician who served children.  Hawes desired a way to keep the children of New York City safe during the summer and thought that this might be a good way for them to spend their time.  She wanted to prevent scraped knees and broken bones and today, we are using Vacation Bible School to lead persons to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. 


Still, more than a hundred years later, the need for safe spaces for children remains.  Vacation Bible School has broadened to include an evangelistic appeal and a mission focus.  With increasingly less time on Sunday mornings, VBS also provides additional opportunities for instruction in spiritual formation and the practice of Christian discipleship.  There can be no doubt of its impact as Vacation Bible School often serves as one of the earliest memories persons have of attending church. 


More than cookies and coloring sheets, Vacation Bible School has been the introduction to Christianity for many persons, which is why the Office of Empowering Congregations seek to train Vacation Bible School leaders and teachers each year.  We believe in this ministry and its impact on children, youth and even adults.  A family ministry, Vacation Bible School has something for everyone.  It is important that we support this work because it reminds us of the spiritual needs of children and affirms that they have souls too.    

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