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The Stream License by CCLI allows the church to stream their live worship service over the internet with the following rules and restrictions:

  • The songs must be covered under the Church Copyright License.

  • No pre-recorded music/video may be included. This includes pre-service music, CDs, backing tracks, Youtube videos, accompaniment music etc. It must be 100% live instruments and singing at the time of the service recording unless you have direct permission from the copyright owners of that sound recording (usually the recording artist or the record label).

  • The website or streaming service that is being used (common choices are Facebook or Youtube) to stream or podcast the service must be in the name of the church/organization. You cannot broadcast the service on a personal device or on a personal account or a website not belonging to the church.

  • Lyrics should not be the sole or main focus of the video. They can be on a projector screen behind the pastor/worship leader, or as an overlay on top of the footage of the pastor/worship leader.

  • The intent of the license is to allow those not in attendance to watch your church’s service. Therefore, it must be a recording of your live church worship service.

  • You do not need to post your streaming license information up front. You may provide it to Facebook, Youtube, or anyone else, after you've received a copyright infringement notification regarding the church's licensing and streaming are brought up.

Under normal circumstances, the stream should be recorded during the actual service with the congregation present, however, under the present COVID-19 circumstances, we are making special exceptions to this rule:

  1. You may stream your worship and teaching without the congregation at this time.

  2. You do not have to record during your usual service time. Some churches are choosing to live-stream on Sunday morning. Other churches are pre-recording the service on an earlier day and publishing the video onto Facebook, Youtube, etc. on Sunday morning. Either of these are viable options during this time.

  3. You may record the worship and sermon separately in light of quarantine measures.

  4. The license is normally restricted to church worship services, so ancillary church activities such as Bible Studies, small groups, community nights, weddings/funerals, summer picnics, etc. would not be eligible. However, in light of the fact that the physical church is largely limited at this time, you may stream worship outside of your service for the purpose of providing an online worship time and space. For example, some churches are having a time of online worship and prayer together on certain days of the week outside of their usual Sunday service.

  5. Normal rules will go back in to effect as soon as your church is able to gather per usual.

You can also read this letter from our CEO regarding COVID-19:

To check whether a song is covered for use:

  • Go to to start your search.

  • Search the song you want to check. You can search by title, songwriter name, artist name, or unique lyrics.

  • Make sure the check the box that says "Expand search to show all songs" on the Song Results page to access our entire catalog.

  • If you are able to find the song under the expanded search, that song is covered and you may reproduce song materials (lyrics, chords, vocal sheets) from any material you see fit. It also means you may sing the song in your streaming if you have a streaming license. (This license does not allow you to copy commercial sound recordings and it also does not cover the reproduction of instrumental sheet music, such as piano sheets, orchestral scores, guitar tabs, etc.).

  • Note that SongSelect will show "Free User" in the top right corner when you are signed in to your Profile. This does not mean your license is inactive. It means that you do not have a paid subscription to SongSelect, so you will not be able to access materials such as the lyrics, chords, and vocal sheets for copyrighted songs in the database. With a Free account, you will still be able to search the catalog and find any necessary copyright information for each song. You can also download and use those lyrics, chords, and vocal sheets for any Public Domain song in our files.

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