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The DCBC Foundation was incorporated in January 1940 for the purpose of supporting DC Baptist Churches through “benevolent, religious and missionary purposes”. As we look to our past, and more importantly our future, this purpose drives all of our ministry efforts and  financial decisions.

Income for the Foundation is entirely dependent on investments of individual and church contributions to the Foundation.

The Foundation provides various avenues of support for DCBC churches:  direct church loans, grants for ministry projects and scholarships for DC Baptist seminary students.

Our largest grant recipient is the DCBC.  In addition to grants for special purposes, for several years the Foundation has provided $75,000 annually for general support.  The Foundation grants the use of their half of the Baptist Building to generate rental income for the Convention.  This combination of rental income and grants makes the Foundation one of the largest supporters of the DCBC and we are proud to be able to partner with the Convention and DCBC churches in ministries impacting the whole DC metropolitan area.

In recent years, the Foundation offered Baptist churches the opportunity of investing with the Foundation – becoming a percentage of the Foundation’s investment program, sharing the same benefits and risks as the Foundation.  The Foundation uses PNC’s Institutional Investment Program and over the years we have been able to grow our portfolio while providing income to support direct ministries to our churches.  Churches interested in investing with the Foundation are urged to contact the Executive Director for more information.

To date, one church participates in the Shared Vision Fund and we are hoping that many more will take advantage of this opportunity.  The Shared Vision Fund will establish an individual investment account that will benefit the church, the DCBC and the DCBC Foundation.  When income is available for distribution, it will benefit the church (50%), the DCBC (40%) and the Foundation (10%).  This is a wonderful way to support the various ministries that the three beneficiaries provide – not just one time, but in perpetuity.  Email the Foundation office at melany.tendeyong@dcbaptist.org for more information about the Foundation’s investment services.




Melany Tendeyong Pierce

Executive Director, DCBC Foundation



The Foundation is blessed to have a capable and committed Board of Trustees.  They serve three-year terms and may be reelected twice before taking a break.  All of our trustees are members of supporting DCBC churches and reflect diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and clergy/lay vocations.  Current members of the Board are as follows:

Ellen Teague, Businesswoman from Pathways Baptist Church

Joseph Hairston, Businessman from Takoma Park Baptist Church

Ian Dingwall, Businessman from Pathways Baptist Church

Kathleen Voelker, Businesswoman from  Broadview Baptist Church

Kendrick Curry, Pastor from Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church

Charles Lewandowski, Businessman from Brazilian Baptist Church

Andrew Pierce, Businessman from Heritage Baptist Church

Kip Banks, Pastor from East Washington Heights Baptist Church

John Burns, Pastor from University Baptist Church

Joseph Lyles, Pastor from Fort Foote Baptist Church

Ella Redfield, Pastor from New Creation Baptist Church

Paul Clark, Businessman from Clifton Park Baptist Church

Robert Cochran, Executive Director of DCBC


The Foundation Boards meets three times a year, in January, May and September to conduct the business of the organization.  We appreciate donations and planned gifts to increase the ministries we provide to DC Baptists.  For information on how you can contribute or for applications for loans, grants or scholarships please contact the Foundation office by calling Melany Tendeyong at 202-234-7194 or email to Melany.tendeyong@dcbaptist.org