As we considered this year's Annual Gathering theme of "Blessing", the OAM Team chose the topic of "Yesterday's Challenges - Today's Help - Future Blessing". Older adults face many challenges today, especially in the areas of transportation, housing, medical care and finances. Even though low cost transportation is available for our older adults, is it enough and are all older adults even aware that it exists? We know that many of our seniors are being displaced as the metropolitan DC area continues to be gentrified. As they lose their homes, many of which are in disrepair, they find themselves in an almost homeless situation. The panelist will address ways that the older adults can find help for their housing needs. We know that the costs for medical care and medications continues to rise. How can our seniors get the medical care that many need and how can they find affordable medications? As these issues are addressed and our older adults hear some resolutions, they will indeed be blessed.


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