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Collegiate Ministries

Since their work in founding George Washington University (Columbian College) and similar institutions DC Baptists have always been strident supporters of education.  We pay homage to their work via our continuing educational ministries.  To this end we support Chaplains at two local universities.  Our American University Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Adrien Ngudiankama focuses on providing pastoral counseling and evangelism opportunities a diverse group of American and international students and faculty members. This work has been instrumental in helping many struggling international students secure basic necessities such as lodging, food, and clothing. Gallaudet University Chaplain, Leeann Carrera’s unique ministry to deaf and hard of hearing students offers worship, outreach, and disciplining opportunities to students from across the United States and more than 25 countries. Based on her work and encouragement, Baptist Campus Ministry students frequently spend the summer months engaged in mission activities with other deaf and hard of hearing communities across the globe.

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