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2024 Upcoming Events & Trainings

Throughout the year, the D.C. Baptist Convention offers, conducts, sponsors, hosts, and participates in many trainings, activities, and conferences focusing on and supporting our member churches. Information on these events can be found here. Check back often as items are frequently added and updated.

Bylaws and Constitution
Video & Class
Jan 17 Video Release/Feb 26 Live Zoom Training

American Baptist attorney Rev. David Ball is offering a presentation on Bylaws and Constitutions.

These sessions will be to explore and discuss the church's constitution and bylaws, and assist the church in revamping, revising and/or deciphering your documents. There will be Q&A opportunities.

A few items in consideration...

*What is the difference between a constitution and bylaws?
*Can a church decide its current constitution and bylaws are no longer in effect?
*What is legally required to start all over again?
*What is legally required to rewrite and/or edit bylaws and constitutions?
*What needs to be included in these documents?
*Where do articles of incorporation fit?


Prerequisite: Must have viewed video prior to participating in live Zoom presentation.  Video is approximately 39 minutes and includes text script.

Cost (per Church):  $75 per church for up to five (5) persons in the church, payable at the time of registration. This fee includes access to both the Video and Live Zoom presentations.

Training for ALL Church Leaders
BYLAWS 2024  _edit.jpg
Church Moderator/
Parliamentarian Training
Mar 23:  DCBC Baptist Building

This workshop will identify essential parliamentary procedure topics that will enhance the church council/board experience and will be demonstrated where applicable. Topics include the definition of a quorum, types of meetings, steps to making a motion, language used to make motions, voting, committee reports, and minutes.

This training is ideal for church moderators, church-appointed parliamentarians, pastors, lay leaders and church clerks.


This is an interactive session.

Justice Forum 2024
Feb 24; Zion Baptist Church Eastland Gardens

Join us as we take a deep dive into three current justice concerns –


  • Ministry with Prisoners and Families: Rev. Harold Dean Trulear, PhD, Howard University

  • Combating Gun Violence in our communities: Pastor Delonte Gholston, Peace Fellowship Church

  • Responding to the heartbreak in Israel and Gaza: Pastor William Young, IV, Covenant Baptist UCC

Justice Forum-2024 -Speakers.png
Mar 9;  10 am-12:30 pm via Zoom

The Church Clerk is responsible for recording, processing and maintaining accurate church records. In this workshop we will discuss your role, membership records, church meetings, the proper way to prepare meeting minutes, records retention, reporting requirement and more.

This training is ideal for new and existing church clerks.


Clergy Retreat 2024
Mar 11-13; Hallowood Retreat Center

Register today for this great event featuring our own Rev. Larrin Robertson and Rev. Adrienne Reedy as we spend time in RE – Preaching Reboot, Reflect, Refresh, and Restore Words – written and spoken, Creative engagement for deepening our relationship with God and each other. Register here and bring a colleague: A minimal amount of scholarships are available. Please email

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