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Preservation Trust

The DCBC Preservation Trust, Inc. was established at the 2008 Annual Meeting as a way for churches to give property or assets that will provide for the continued work of building God’s kingdom. The Trust is a separate 501 (c) (3) organization that acquires and preserves existing properties of churches and other financial and material assets for purposes of worship, fellowship, evangelism and community outreach. 

For dwindling congregations, it can be difficult to maintain the upkeep, care and financial responsibilities of a church building. It is also a challenge for new church starts to acquire or build a church that meets their worship needs.

The DCBC Preservation Trust acts as “an intentional incubator” for new churches in the region as well as a source of relief for diminishing congregations who cannot properly maintain properties. The Trust also furthers DCBC’s goal of making “sacred” properties and spaces available to DC Baptists for generations to come.

Member churches and others can now transfer ownership of church property and other assets to the Trust for use consistent with DCBC’s mission to strengthen and expand God’s Kingdom through the individual and united ministries of member churches.