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Contribute to The Blessing today
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Contribute to The Blessing today

If our work could speak for us, let it be said:

That we fed those who are hungry...

That we clothed the naked...

That we gave water to those who are thirsty...

That we helped the widow and the orphan...

That we welcomed the stranger...

That we loved our neighbors...

That we helped others in their time of need...

That we professed a living Savior to a dying world...

That we transformed lives and communities...

That we made a difference.

Galatians 6:10a, "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all..." (NKJV)


How Your Giving Helps

“The Blessing” is a campaign with the goal of extending the reach of individual member congregations in the DCBC family by collectively supporting ministries of compassion. Sacrificial gifts will be used for the following ministries.


Emergency Response Team

With chainsaw, debris removal, flood and winter response units, DCBC is able to have a positive impact on those affected by disasters. Trainings and certifications are also provided for volunteers.


Johenning Baptist Community Center

Named in honor of Anna B. Johenning, who devoted her life to helping children and fighting poverty, the Johenning Baptist Community Center is an outreach center where DCBC hosts health fairs, Vacation Bible School (VBS) and other community events. Afterschool and feeding programs at JBCC have given DC Baptists a ministry presence and lasting witness in southeast Washington.



DCBC has been working with the Baptist Fellowship of Zambia to assist pastors and communities in Zambia. A partnership with Designs for Hope to provide bicycle generators that deliver much-needed electricity into the homes of Zambian families and bicycles donated by D.C. Baptists that provide transportation for pastors ministering in the bush area of the country, help us to show love and encouragement to our neighbors on distant shores.


Ministry on the National Mall

Through this important ministry, DCBC member congregations are able to be a visible witness to the goodness of God. Teams from DCBC churches volunteer to share bottles of cold water, tourist information and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who visit the National Mall on Saturdays in the summer.


DCBC and MissionServe are working together to help low-income residents in our  area to fix sub-standard houses for seniors, single parents and others in need. Hundreds of volunteers from across the country descend upon the D.C. metropolitan area for a week or longer while they repair roofs, decks and sheds; paint the interior and exterior of homes; landscape yards; and, provide other repairs to homes.

New Ministry Initiatives and Community Partnerships

New opportunities for ministry arise often. Through new ministry initiatives and community partnerships, we will be able to continue to support projects such as food pantries, clothing closets and after school programs in the years to come.

National Center for Children and Families

Founded as the Baptist Home for Children in 1915, the National Center for Children and Families provides programs and services to meet the needs of homeless families, victims of domestic violence and vulnerable adolescents. While NCCF is now a separate entity from the Convention, DCBC continues to partner with the Center to make sure this important work continues.



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